Back to School Update – COVID tests, doctor’s notes, flu shots, and grade 7 shots

If back to school in your family during the COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and confusing, you are not alone!

There are many questions that arise during this time and the answers seem to be constantly changing or not always clear.

The best thing we can recommend at this time is to follow your local public health guidelines and the policies and procedures set out by your specific school or daycare.

Toronto Public Health provided this update on September the 9th:  Toronto Public Health School Health Services and Important Updates During COVID-19


How do I know if my child needs a COVID test?

Toronto Public Health has a COVID-19 School Screening Tool that might help you make decisions if your child has any symptoms.

Also please know that we are still here for you.  Most of our appointments continue to be virtual, but you can book an appointment with us by phone or email as usual.

Back to school or daycare doctor’s notes

Please be aware that we are unable to provide back to school or daycare notes.  Doctor’s notes are not an appropriate use of health system resources, especially while COVID-19 is causing unprecedented strain on the health-care system.  They potentially put patients, teachers and contacts at further risk and physicians are not generally in a position to adjudicate such matters.

Flu shots are not in yet

Flu shots are highly recommended, especially this year.  We have not received any yet but will be offering them when they arrive.  Stay tuned for more details . . .

Grade 7 shots

Clinics in all schools are suspended for the fall of 2020. Students in grades 7/8 can still receive their vaccinations for Hepatitis B, HPV and Menactra at Toronto Public Health community clinics later in the fall, by appointment. Public Health will notify you when these clinics open.