Insured Services (OHIP covered services)

  • Please bring your child’s valid OHIP card to each appointment.
  • If your child’s OHIP card is invalid, you will be billed directly for the visit
  • If your child has private insurance (not OHIP covered), you will be billed directly for the services and we will provide you with a receipt to submit to your third party insurer for reimbursement.
  • Newborn babies receive a temporary OHIP number at the hospital.  Please bring this to your first appointment.  It is important to register with OHIP as soon as possible to obtain your baby’s permanent OHIP number.

Uninsured Services (Services not covered by OHIP)

  • OHIP does not cover all services we provide to our patients.  These are considered uninsured services.
  • Please click here  to find more information on uninsured services and payment options for these services.