Sanofi and Health Canada recalls all lots of Allerject

Sanofi-aventis Canada Inc., in consultation with Health Canada is recalling ALL batches of epinephrine auto-injector products used in the treatment of serious allergic reactions in children.  (0.15 mg/0.15mL and 0.3 mg/0.3 mL strength epinephrine auto-injectors)  A similar recall is taking place in the United States, where it’s sold as Auvi-Q.  This recall is due to issues that may potentially affect the delivery of the required amount of the drug, epinephrine.

Products affected:

  1. Allerject Pre-filled Autoinjector (DIN02382059 – 0.15mg/0.15mL epinephrine).
  2. Allerject Pre-filled Autoinjector (DIN02382067 – 0.3mg/0.3mL epinephrine).

What you should do:

  • Contact your pharmacy to arrange returning your Allerject device and to obtain a replacement epinephrine auto-injector with the same dose.
  • Consult your pharmacist to ensure you understand how to properly use the replacement auto-injector.
  • In the event a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) occurs before you can obtain a replacement auto injector, use your Allerject device as directed by your healthcare provider, and then seek emergency medical attention.
  • Speak with your healthcare professional if you are concerned about your health or your child’s health.
  • Report any adverse events to Health Canada.

Please see Health Canada alert for more details: