Developmental Services Team

Founders, Hello Speech Developmental Services
Ronit Rosenblum and Mary Plain
T: 647-202-2377

Hello Speech is supporting children in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years. They consist of a dedicated team of skilled clinicians committed to supporting individuals with a wide range of communication, developmental, and learning differences.

Supervising Speech Language Pathologist (Program Oversight)

  • Laura Saroli

Speech Language Therapy Assistant (Direct Clinicians) 

  • Mercedes Villanueva
  • Noyala Isidore

Services Offered

  • Speech/Articulation/Pronunciation assessments
  • Language assessments
  • Speech therapy
  • Language Therapy
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)
  • Parent-Coaching
  • Literacy
  • Social Skill Support


Noyala:                                                                  Mercedes: